Hello, I’m Bev. 

I've been using Douglas Heel's  Be Activated Philosophy for a number of years and I currently have the pleasure of facilitating his training courses in the UK and in Ireland. 

I came across Douglas and his technique at a conference in the UK in 2012, when I attended a lecture entitled, "What If Everything You Are Learning Is Wrong.”  

Douglas, a physiotherapist from Cape Town, had worked with elite athletes and injured celebrities. What he shared in that lecture was ground-breaking. He had developed a simple system he called, Be Activated.

The system took into account the way that the body was breathing, moving and compensating. It worked by addressing the bodies priorities for survival, not just by treating the symptom such as a shoulder or a knee injury.

I'd been wrestling with a long-term injury. I'd had lots of therapy, some successful, some not. It was always a case of two steps forward and - just when I thought I was in the clear - a big stride back. 

I'm a self employed therapist and yoga teacher.  I struggled to find the balance between giving my body time to heal, balancing my work commitments and life in general.

I had resigned myself to the belief that I wouldn’t get back to my past level of health or fitness. Fortunately, my thoughts about that were challenged and ultimately proven wrong.  

I asked Douglas to take a look at my injury, within minutes of him working on me, I felt an incredible sense of relief. The stress left my body. I felt light, balanced and pain free for the first time in years.

After being a bodyworker myself for over three decades - a trained nurse, a Massage Therapist and a Neuromuscular Physical Therapist. - I was blown away by the results.

So much so, I felt compelled to study with Douglas. The Be Activated Philosophy  has changed the way I work and think about the body. Since then I have commited myself to learning and teaching others all that I can about how clever our bodies really are.

The most wonderful thing about this practice is that it can be taught to our clients, thus empowering them to be invested in their own recovery. It can also be adapted for any environment and for any age group.

  • For therapists working with musculoskeltal injuries.
  • For neurological conditions like strokes, Bell's Palsy, Strokes, Charcots Marie Tooth, and more.
  • Pre and post-natal.  
  • Workplace Wellness.
  • From elite athletes who use it to stay on top of their game.

I am currently based in Dublin and I love sharing my knowledge and skills with my clients, athletes and fellow therapists.

If you'd like to know more about Be Activated, or if would like to book an appointment with me drop me a line. I'd love to hear from you. info@bevporrino.com

Bev Porrino

Be Activated Facilitator & Practitioner.

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