My saddle slips to the right.” By Maeve Sheridan - Animal Physio Plus

A before and after of a rider from the Tower Farm Clinic last week.

These photos were taken 40 minutes apart.

This lady does 30km endurance rides and was conscious that for years she weights her stirrups unevenly and causes her saddle to slip to the right.

You can see in the left side photo how she loads her right seat bone and puts a lot of her body weight through her right side. This is due to a dysfunctional lateral sling, the group of muscles shown in the photo.

If gluteus medius is weak and quadratus lumborum is tight and weak it causes the rider to weight one seat bone heavier than the other.

I released and activated the lateral sling, changed her breathing pattern to get her to use her diaphragm, and released and activated psoas and glutes. The after photo is on the right, even weight distribution through the seat bones and straighter posture. Magic! I e-mailed her these photos last night to ask if I could use them on Facebook and she replied to tell me yes and that she felt great, she really liked the way I seemed to get to the cause of the problem rather than just treating the symptoms, she’s finding it much easier to have her weight equally down through both legs and she’s working on her exercises. Job done! 😊

NB. None of her exercises included pulling her belly button in, “switching on her core”, planking, sit ups, Pilates hundreds or any other nonsense 🙄😆

About the Author Bev Porrino

Bev is an experienced Neuromuscular Manual Therapist and a Yoga Teacher Trainer. She supports and teaches her patients and students how to take care of themselves and override muscle compensations and patterns that lead to pain, injury, stress, and illness. She brings with her a wealth of experience and knowledge from over 30 years of working within the health and social sector, initially as a trained nurse and a Social work practice teacher and lecturer. She develops courses and workshops to teach people how to stay well and strong, she is also a Yoga Teacher and a Yoga Teacher Trainer.