Be Activated – What Is It?

What Is Be Activated?

It’s a powerful system that will instantly shift the body from a state of pain and stress to a place of strength, balance, and resilience

Who Is It For?

Be Activated is for everyone. From people suffering from back, neck, knee pain and stress. Athletes looking to improve their performance. Pre and post-operative rehabilitation and a myriad of neurological issues like strokes and Bells Palsy etc.

How Does It Work?

When we become stressed, hormones such as cortisol & adrenaline are released into the bloodstream. Our muscles tighten in readiness for action, and they remain that way until the stress is released. Over time our muscles become confused resulting in faulty recruitment and compensation patterns that ultimately lead to injuries.

Be Activated shifts the body from being tight and overwhelmed to a place of balance, space, agility, and strength.

Why Is This Important?

Helping muscles to return to their normal length and function significantly reduces the risk of injury. Most non-contact soft tissue injuries like ACL tears, inguinal hernias, disc impingement, SI instability and rotator cuff are caused by poor muscle recruitment and compensation patterns.Be Activated figures out how and where your body is compensating and rebalances the system.

How Long Do Activations Last?

Once the poor muscle firing pattern has been interrupted it needs to be maintained. We have to remind the body of the new neuro pathway until it remembers. In some cases, this is instant and happens the first time and in others, it takes regular reminding.

Can I Do The Activations Myself?

The system incorporates a ‘Self Activation Protocol’ this means that  a practitioner will teach you how to maintain the new pattern, and takes only a few minutes. It cuts down on the amount of clinical therapy you will need.

Where Does It Come From?

Be Activated was developed by Douglas Heel, a physiotherapist from Cape Town who’d worked with elite athletes and injured celebrities. There are approx 5000 therapists worldwide and that number is growing rapidly.


About the Author Bev Porrino

Bev is an experienced Neuromuscular Manual Therapist and a Yoga Teacher Trainer. She supports and teaches her patients and students how to take care of themselves and override muscle compensations and patterns that lead to pain, injury, stress, and illness. She brings with her a wealth of experience and knowledge from over 30 years of working within the health and social sector, initially as a trained nurse and a Social work practice teacher and lecturer. She develops courses and workshops to teach people how to stay well and strong, she is also a Yoga Teacher and a Yoga Teacher Trainer.