This young lady had been complaining of lower back pain and she couldn’t straighten her left leg.  Her imbalances were compounded by two things. The first was that she’d had a rapid growth spurt.  The second was that she is considerably taller than her classmates, and had been stooping to blend in. Her breathing was high in her chest with a habit of holding her breath.

I used the Be Activated 123 assessment protocol to identify her ‘cheat’ patterns.


  • 333 jaw on the right side.
  • 223 leg on the right.
  • Weak slings.
  • Weak adductors and glute medius
  • Limited internal hip rotation.


1st session. Diaphragm release, breathing, and zone 1 activations. Straight up to her jaw followed by Butt bungi exercises.

Zone 2, and 3 then slings and abs. Soft Tissue Release and myofascial release techniques applied where necessary.


3 x Daily Activations- diaphragm, breathing, zone 1 and 2, and slings.

Learning to feel the ‘new’ stuff and to tune in to how she moved.


  • Stand tall and let others look up to you.
  • Think Wonder Woman. ( The movie had just been released)
  • Look everyone in the eye and deliver your big smile.
  • Strut! No looking down or scurrying.
  • Walk like you own the footpath.

About the Author Bev Porrino

Bev is an experienced Neuromuscular Manual Therapist and a Yoga Teacher Trainer. She supports and teaches her patients and students how to take care of themselves and override muscle compensations and patterns that lead to pain, injury, stress, and illness. She brings with her a wealth of experience and knowledge from over 30 years of working within the health and social sector, initially as a trained nurse and a Social work practice teacher and lecturer. She develops courses and workshops to teach people how to stay well and strong, she is also a Yoga Teacher and a Yoga Teacher Trainer.