If you are anything like my colleagues, you’re already a highly-educated and experienced therapist or trainer. Committed to your clients wellbeing and invested in making a difference. But you are not just looking for a busy schedule. You also want to inspire your clients so that they are motivated to make the changes that will transform their lives. 

  • You want to help them reach their goals.
  • To help them to understand what their pain is telling them.
  • You want to include and empower them with their own recovery and success.
  • You don’t want to spend your free time thinking about your clients and what more you could have done.

You want to provide a sustainable service, maintain your stamina, your passion and commitment to your work without becoming burned out yourself.

What's holding you back?

You want to connect with your clients in such a way that they become invested in making the changes required to overcome their, pain, injury or psychological blocks for successful recovery.

They tell you how long they have suffered and they are ready to move forward but sometimes it feels like they haven’t heard you.

You spend time and energy thinking about your clients when you are at home with your family and friends. Your spinning plates are hard to keep up and seem to draw your energy and passion away from what you love doing.

Sounds familiar right?

You Are Not Alone

I know what that feels like to have a busy waiting room, a bursting inbox and a phone that is always calling for attention. I had so many ideas and so many possibilities but instead of benefitting from them it resulted in a protracted period of stress, an injury that just wouldn’t heal and depleted energy.

Running on empty and existing in a state of fight/ flight, I realised that I had to approach things differently in order to make the necessary changes. 

That's where Be Activated came in. The technique changed the way I work and think about the human body. It opened up so much for me that I have dedicated myself to learning and teaching others all that I can about Be Activated.

The most wonderful thing about this practice is that it can be taught to our clients thus empowering them to be invested in their own recovery.

It can adapted for any environment and for any age group. From elite athletes who use it to stay on top of their game, for therapists working with neurological conditions like strokes, Bell's Palsy and a myriad of musculoskeletal imbalances. For Pre and post-natal, for 1:1 and for groups.

Can I Help You?

I help busy practitioners like you to adapt the skills that I have learned and to use them within your own realm of expertise.

My desire is that I can share all that I have learned and support you to become confident with the techniques that will give you the space to breathe and move with ease before you give all of your energy to your clients.

Through 2 day trainings with myself and the pioneer - Douglas Heel. At Workshops, Seminars, Wellness Retreats, Corporate Wellness Support and as your guide.

Don’t let your passion for your work burn you out. Find out what the body really needs to release stress, pain and learn how quickly you can make the changes.

Be activated training & education

Are you ready to discover a new, life transforming perspective as to why the body becomes dysfunctional? Join us at our next live event!